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On your computer, unzip the file that you downloaded in step 1. Within it, you will see an upload directory. You will be uploading the contents of this directory to your server (not the directory itself).

Now use your FTP client to connect to your server and create the directory where you want to install XenForo. For example, if you want to access XenForo via, you would create a community directory within your webroot (such as your public_html directory). You will need to make a note of what URL this corresponds to for the next step. This will be known as your “XenForo root URL”.

If you want to install XenForo at the root of your domain, you will generally not need to create a directory. However, XenForo must be installed into a directory that isn’t already being used to display pages.

Use your FTP client to upload the contents of the upload directory that was contained within the zip that you extracted earlier to the directory you just created on the server. Ensure that all files and sub-directories are uploaded. If done correctly, once uploaded, you should see files such as admin.php and css.php directly within the directory you created on your server.

Uploading may take some time. Please do not proceed until the upload is complete. Keep your FTP client open as you may need it in the next step.

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