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Upgrading XenForo follows a very similar process to installation.

You may upgrade from any previous version to the latest version directly. You do not need to upgrade to interim versions first.


Before upgrading, it is strongly recommend that you backup your XenForo database and files. It is not possible to downgrade once you start the upgrade!

You may need to upgrade add-ons for them to be compatible with the new version. Contact the add-on authors for details.

Upgrading from XenForo 1

If you are upgrading from XenForo 1, there are some important things to keep in mind. This is a particularly significant upgrade.

  • XenForo 1 add-ons are not compatible with XenForo 2. You will need to contact the add-on author to see if they have an updated version of any add-ons you use. If you do not intend to use an add-on any longer, if possible, we recommend uninstalling it before upgrading. Not doing so may leave orphaned data in your database.
  • XenForo 1 styles are not compatible with XenForo 2. The upgrade will not maintain any style property or template modifications. These will need to be redone after upgrading.
  • Any other custom integrations you had with XenForo 1 are unlikely to work with XenForo 2 without some amount of changes.

If possible, we strongly recommend that you perform a test upgrade of your site on a test installation before upgrading your production installation.


It is vital that you backup your site before upgrading to XenForo 2. You cannot downgrade after the upgrade starts. The only method of downgrading will be to restore from a backup.

Upgrading in XenForo 2.1+

XenForo 2.1 includes a “one-click upgrade” system to simplify the upgrade process, providing your server configuration meets the requirements. This only applies to installations already running XenForo 2.1. To upgrade from an earlier version, you will need to use the manual upgrade approach detailed below.

XenForo 2.1 will periodically check to see if your license has access to a newer version. To manually check, you can go to the Tools > Upgrade check page of the control panel. If a new version is available, you will be given the option to upgrade to it. From here, you can follow the on-screen instructions. It is strongly recommended that you backup your XenForo files and database before proceeding.


You must keep your browser window open until the upgrade is complete.
If a one-click upgrade is not possible because of server configuration or an error occurs while attempting to complete it, please follow the below instructions to perform a manual upgrade as described below.

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