Upgrading from IP.Board 3 to Invision Community 4

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If you are upgrading from IP.Board 3 to Invision Community 4, there are special considerations you should take.

3.x items that are not compatible with 4.x:

  • Skins
  • Skin images
  • Third party hooks
  • Third party applications
  • Languages

All base data, including: members, forums, topics, posts, etc. will remain intact and upgrade to Invision Community

Please ensure that you have a full backup of your database and file system your community prior to upgrading. 

Requirements for Invision Community
You may wish to use our requirements checker to be sure your server supports our software before proceeding.

IMPORTANT: Upgrades to PHP and MySQL that show in the requirements checker must be done prior to upgrade. You need to be aware once you upgrade these, your 3.4 installation will not work. This is because 3.4 is not compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, and is nothing to worry about. Just continue with uploading the 4.x files, and running the upgrade as normal.

UTF8 Requirements

Invision Community requires UTF8 when upgrading, if your current database is not UTF8, during the first steps of the upgrade process, you will be prompted to run a UTF8 conversion, this is all built into the upgrader and works very well. Once this step is completed, you will be taken back to the upgrade routine.

Checking URL’s and storage paths prior to upgrading
It’s important to check your urls and upload paths in your admincp on 3.x prior to upgrading, for example if you have more than one url parked on your hosting configuration, the upload paths and urls should only match your current url of the site.

User / Display Names
Usernames and display names have been merged in Invision Community. As the administrator, you may select which to keep during the upgrade process. Please note that this field will be the publicly displayed field for the user. 

Friends / Followers
Instead of friends, Invision Community features followers. A member now has the ability to follow another member without that being automatically reciprocal. You have the option of converting friends to followers.

Question and Answer Forums
Previous versions of the software allowed enabling of “Mark as Solved” on a per-forum basis. Invision Community enhances this functionality by allowing members to ask questions and rate their answers. 

Validating Group
When upgrading to Invision Community, the validating group is merged into the members group with a “Validating Flag” these users will be prompted to validate their account or continue as a guest on the forum until they do so, using the guest group permission set.

IP.content > Pages
Upgrading ip.content to pages will upgrade your ip.content database, and content to the new Pages Application, however all blocks and templates will need to be re-created in IPS4 after the upgrade.

Moderator CP – Deleted Content
If you have any items in the deleted content before upgrading, these items will be removed on upgrading to Invision Community, so in some cases you may have this set to a long period before it’s actually deleted, if so, and you need these items, restore them before upgrading. This is not common and in Invision Community when you delete an item, it’s deleted instantly, so there is no “removed content” section in the modcp anymore.

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