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When you upgrade XenForo, we will not automatically overwrite any template or phrase customizations you have made. You should check if there are any outdated entries here under Appearance > Outdated templates and Appearance > Outdated phrases. You can use the template merging tools to attempt to automatically incorporate the core changes into your customizations.

If you are using a third-party provided style or language, you may wish to see if they have a release that is designed for the version of XenForo you are now running.

Common upgrading problems

Attempting a fresh install instead of an upgrade

If after uploading the files and going to, you are taken to perform a fresh install, this indicates that the files have not been merged correctly when uploading. It is possible that files have been removed unexpectedly.

At a minimum, you need to create the internal_data/install-lock.php file. The contents do not matter. Once done, you can direct your browser to If it still takes you to a fresh install, please contact support.

If your internal_data or data directories are missing or empty, then attachments and avatars may have been removed. We strongly recommend restoring them from a backup.

No upgrade found

If after uploading the files and going to, it reports no upgrade is found, then the files have not been uploaded to the correct location.

In many cases, this indicates that the upload directory itself has been uploaded, rather than the contents. You should ensure that what you are uploading overwrites existing files.

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