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This is how to make an IPB Feature Plan. Please note that this is not a RIP of WebFlake’s or IPS’, this is my own version, so if you find any variations that is why. If you find any bugs, please comment them below. I will not attempt to fix them, but if someone comments a fix for a bug, I will edit it into this tutorial.


  • Pages Application (can be found in WF’s copy of IPS 4.x).
  • Basic Knowledge of PHP.
  • A knowledge of the Pages application.
  1. Go into your ACP > Pages > Databases. Click Create New to create a new Database.
  2. A pop-up will appear. Make sure you are on the Create New Database and click Next.
  3. Make the name of your Database whatever you’d like, I suggest Feature Plan.
  4. Make the settings exactly as shown in the picture. It’s very important to have your Use categories settings set to No.
  5. Once you’ve created your database head over to the Templates section. ACP > Pages > Templates ( Read carefully from here on because it can be a little tricky if you miss a step.
  6. Once you are inside the Templates section click New > Add database template. Here’s where you have to be careful and follow my instructions exactly.
  7. You will get a pop-up presenting you with a few options. Fill in the options exactly as show in the picture.
  8. Under the HTML tab you should see a new folder called Plan with 5 different templates under it.
  9. Paste the code provided below in the appropriate template.
  10. recordRow:
  11. filterMessage:
  12. categoryTable:
  13. categoryHeader:
  14. categoryFooter:
  15. Inside the categoryHeader template you should see some non-code text. You can edit that code to change the Title and Subtitle at the top of your Feature Plan.
  16. Inside of the recordRow template search for{{if $row->fieldValues()[‘field_19’]
  17. Keep that tab open and open a new tab inside of Pages in the ACP. Click in the fields section of the Feature Plan database.
  18. You should see the Status section. Click on the pencil to edit the database. Open notepad or some other text editor. Paste in the URL of the page you just opened. At the end you should see something like do=form&id=19. You need the number at the end of the URL. Mine happens to be 19. Yours might be 125 or it might be 4.
  19. Move back to the tab you have open where you located{{if $row->fieldValues()[‘field_19’]inside of the recordRow template. Change field_19 to field_YOURNUMBERHERE. Obviously filling in YOURNUMBERHERE with the number at the end of the URL you copied into a text editor.
  20. Inside the ACP go to Pages > Pages.
  21. Click New Page and choose Page Builder for the Content Editor option. Click next.
  22. Make the pages name what you choose. I recommend simply Feature Plan. Go to the menu tab at the top and click add to menu. Leave those settings as is and click save.
  23. Navigate to the index page of your forums. The homepage. Click on Feature Plan in the navigation bar. Or whatever you named it.
  24. In the left you should see a little arrow peaking out. Click it.
  25. Click the arrow on Pages and drag the Database option onto the page wherever you’d like.
  26. Click the edit button on the Database module and choose the Feature Plan database.
  27. Click finish editing.
  28. Go to the Fields area of the Feature Plan database. Make a field called Summary. Make your settings exactly like this > and
  29. Make another field called Status. Settings like this > and{{if intval( $formValue ) === 1}} <span class=’c4StatusBadge c4StatusBadge_upNext’>{$value}</span> {{elseif intval( $formValue ) === 2}} <span class=’c4StatusBadge c4StatusBadge_comingSoon’>{$value}</span> {{elseif intval( $formValue ) === 3}} <span class=’c4StatusBadge c4StatusBadge_future’>{$value}</span> {{elseif intval( $formValue ) === 4}} <span class=’c4StatusBadge c4StatusBadge_done’>{$value}</span> {{endif}}Also this:

So there you go. That’s my interpretation of the Feature Plan.

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