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You can allow your members to sign in to your website using their google+ account. In order to do this however, you first need to create an API key. 

First you need to go to the following URL and sign in using your google account.

Once signed in you will need to create a new project using the button provided in the top left


You will then be asked to enter a project name. This is not something that is important to the code, it simply gives it a recognisable name and ID. I would suggest simply using your site name here.


Select the “Enable and Manage APIs” button on the next page


You will then be presented with a large list of APIs. You need to select the Google+ API as shown in the screen below.


Now you have this added, first select “Enable” to ensure that we have this method enabled.


We then need to set up the credentials for your site to use. Select credentials on the left


On the credentials screen, you will see a “Create credentials” button. Click on this and select OAuth client ID from the list provided.


Now select “Web Application” . You will also need to then enter a name (leave as default). The examples for the next 2 items are based on the website being installed at our dummy location of

Authorised Javascript Origins (Note this is just the domain, not the full path to your site)

Authorised Redirect URIs


You may see these are not selectable and you need to set up your website name. If that is shown, simply click on the link and enter your website name as instructed.


Once clicking on create you will then be shown the key and secret that you need to enter within your admin cp


You can enter these details within System>Settings>Login Handlers>Google

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