Creating your first non-cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin server

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Setting up a server within WHMCS is the next step in order to begin offering hosting packages to your customers. WHMCS supports many types servers and the process for adding a server is very similar for each one. You may wish to review our Supported Server Modules here.

To do this navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Servers and click on Add New Server.

Enter the server details as documented in the specific Server Module documentation. Some fields are common to most modules:

  • Server IP Address
  • Server Hostname
  • Access Credentials (Username/Password/Hash Key)

If you are unsure of these details, please reach out to your Web Host or SysAdmin who will be able to advise which details to use.

Once the test is successful, you are ready to click Save Changes.

You will then be brought back to the Servers screen and will see the newly created server in the list.

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